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5 Tips for Kidney Stones Prevention

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Once you have had one kidney stone, they have a nasty habit of coming back with a vengeance and one of the best things that you can do in order to prevent this painful condition from coming back again is to look at the various kidney stones prevention methods.

Some of these are simple to incorporate into your life and will only take a few seconds out of your day and can make the difference between having kidney stones and not having them.

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There are five basic steps that you can take in order to stop kidney stones from happening and these are as follows:

1. Drinking plenty of water is the most important things that you can do for kidney stones prevention. When you have a kidney stone, the urine tends to be much darker and cloudier in appearance than usual and by drinking water you can get your urine back to a normal color, texture and smell again.

Three liters of water on a daily basis is the recommended amount for kidney stones prevention and although this may have you running to the toilet every five minutes, it can stop the painful kidney stones from occurring. If you work in a hot environment then you should aim to drink more than this and you should also try and drink a large glass of water just before you go to bed.

Again, this may play havoc with your sleeping patterns, leaving you waking up to use the toilet but if it stops a painful kidney stone, surely it is well worth it? This process of drinking extra water can help to remove the substances from the body through the urine stream rather than leaving them in the kidneys to form a stone.

2. Try to avoid caffeinated drinks such as fizzy cola, tea, coffee and other such drinks as these work as a diuretic and can cause you to pass the fluid at a quicker pace, not leaving it with enough time to wash out the substances that form the stones. One or two cups of these drinks per day is the maximum that you should be aiming for so if you currently drink more than this and have recently experience a kidney stone, it is time to cut down.

The various types of kidney stone that can form will lead to more information on the treatment and kidney stones prevention methods that you should adopt. For example, Uric acid stones are caused by excess amounts of uric acid so one of the prevention methods that should be looked at is cutting down on the amount of meat within the diet. When the meat is digested it produces uric acid and if there is already a build up within the body, Uric acid kidney stones can soon be formed.

4. The same kidney stones prevention methods apply to other types of kidney stone such as the Calcium Oxalate stones. To prevent these from happening again in the future you will need to cut down on the amount of oxalate rich foods that you are consuming and these include spinach, chocolate, beets and also rhubarb.

5. Many tests will be performed to work out which kind of kidney stone that you may have had and this will lead to further preventative measures. There are four main types of kidney stones and a few others which are not very common and these will all be caused by various factors so to better prevent your kidney stones from reoccurring, you must first work out what they were formed from and then you can better avoid them.

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