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Pain From Kidney Stones – What Can You Do

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All to often we hear from individuals about their pain from kidney stones, not every one knows how they can treat the pain. Although you might be tempted to take matters into your own two hands to control your pain, it is absolutely vital that you first speak with your doctor about the options that [...]

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Alcohol and Kidney Stones – A Good Combination?

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We often wonder at the relationship between alcohol and kidney stones. We tend to associate alcohol as something bad for our kidney stones; hence, they do not compensate each other. Let us first identify what kidney stones are all about. A kidney stone arises when the urine becomes so concentrated due to some chemical reactions [...]

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Kidney Stones Management Helps to Lessen Kidney Stone Risks

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Kidney stones management is the order by which we maintain the proper preventive measures and treatments in order to keep our kidney stone disorder in a contained state. Here we are expected to undergo lifestyle changes that contribute largely in preventing our kidney stones from reforming. In addition, we institute changes in our diet in [...]

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