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Cure for Kidney Stones – Soda Could Be the Answer?

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If you are like the majority of individuals you might be prepared to spend quite a decent amount of money in order to rid yourself of the pain caused by your kidney stones. However, a cure for kidney stones does not necessarily have to cost you a lot of money, after all, home remedies seem to work wonders and cost mere fractions of OTC and prescription medications.

If you know anything about kidney stones, chances are you know that you need to drink plenty of liquids in order to pass them and keep them from forming in the first place. You might also know that it is often recommended that a sufferer of kidney stones avoid drinking soda.

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But, soda seems to be the cure for kidney stones at the same time. I understand, this is a little confusing, so I will go a little further into detail for you.

Many people have been misled into thinking that drinking soda is linked to the cause of kidney stones. This is actually untrue. Soda is not a cause of kidney stones. Basically, the reason some are misled is because a lack of water is linked to kidney stone formation. So, in general those that consume more soda a day than water are often left with the discomfort of kidney stones.

Here is what I found interesting while I was searching for a new method to cure kidney stones. Kidney stones are actually dissolved by a natural acid called phosphoric acid. Coincidentally this is in soda. There were actual studies done that further proves drinking soda could dissolve the kidney stones.

From the information that was available, soda can assist in breaking down successfully, kidney stones that are less than 7mm wide. Although the individual person will be a factor in the actual ability the soda will have to be the cure for kidney stones. Research results suggest the an estimated whopping 85% success rate with soda dissolving kidney stones.

If so far this has not convinced you to give soda a try as a cure for kidney stones, maybe the following information will. Consider the amount of money you are spending for your doctor to prep you for surgery, the hospital stay and medication. This can be anywhere up to about $10,000. On the other hand a case of soda might cost you around $10.00.

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