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Dissolving Kidney Stones with Cranberry Juices

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Dissolving kidney stones are the easiest way to pass them out of our renal system. Many kidney stone sufferers have come up with different treatments just to make this process manageable and its accompanying pain tolerable.

There are several popular intakes recommended as the best substance taken in dissolving kidney stones. Some sufferers faithfully adhere to its effectiveness while some find out that it has no effect on them at all.

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This is mainly because not all people respond to home remedies in similar ways. Others live a highly disruptive lifestyle, while others need only enhancers to facilitate the process of dissolving kidney stones.

Cranberry juice as urological cleaner due to its antioxidants; this is based on some medical studies that cranberry juice is largely effective only among women. It is said to contain a substance called polyphenolic material which effectively combats bacteria and viruses. These properties make cranberry effective in preventing urinary tract infection

These healing properties of cranberry center largely on heavy molecules known as non-dialyzable. It has the ability to coat some bodily surfaces with a waxy substance that can cause infection.

In several instance, cranberry contents were noted to change the shape of bacteria from rod–like to sphere shapes, which in some way prevent e-coli from adhering to body cells. In all its properties, there’s a likely possibility that cranberry can be an alternative source of material for antibiotics.

Cranberries as well as strawberries and raspberries are known to be highly packed with anti-oxidant substances which can protect not only against urinary tract infection but also against aging processes. Cranberries were verified to contain high levels of acidity which is the very same reason why bacteria dwelling in the urinary tract are blocked into attaching themselves in the walls of the renal membranes.

Cranberries, raspberries, and strawberries are also rich sources of Vitamin C, which is very important in strengthening the immune system. Medical experts recommend that kidney stone sufferers particularly women drink two glasses a day to help dissolve kidney stones.

In all its potentials as a highly effective substance for the treatment of kidney stones, drinking plenty of water and inter-changing the therapy with cranberry juice will supply the kidney with enough acidity and solubility to breakdown kidney stones and later flush the kidney wastes out of a person’s body.

In time, cranberry juices will be recognized as an effective substance in dissolving kidney stones.

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