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How Long Does it Take to Pass Kidney Stones?

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Kidney stones that have formed in our renal system come in different shapes and sizes. The matter of how long it takes to pass kidney stones therefore has no definite timeframe.

There are factors, which contribute for kidney stones to pass quickly, sometimes even without pain. The size of the kidney stone, physiology of a person, his lifestyle and the treatment all contribute to the time frame.

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Size of Kidney Stones

The problem about the size of kidney stones is that you will not know unless you see them, hence, you may have to seek professional help in order to determine the size of your kidney stones.

According to medical studies, kidney stones that measure about 4 to 5 mm are easily passed while stones bigger than 5 mm may require medical intervention. Hence, how long it takes to pass kidney stones cannot be met by a definite answer.

Accordingly, in order for kidney stones not to grow any larger is to keep your urine soluble by taking in lots of water. As long as your urine is soluble, crystal nucleus are inhibited from combining with other oxalates, hence the absence of stone formation. Instead, crystal substances along with the oxalates can be passed out of the kidney separately and uncombined.

Physiology of a Person

This aspect has something to do with the so called “threshold of pain” innate among individuals. If a person’s make up allows him to pass kidney stones by bearing the pain no matter how intense it could get, the size of the kidney sometimes does not matter. What may be a large size to some may be manageable to a person with a wide berth of tolerance for pain.

A person with a stronger resilience can manage to pass kidney stone despite the scraping that the stone does to the walls of the ureter.  As the stone moves on its way down the ureter, blood may flow with the urine excretion.

Some persons may manifest a tendency to panic, while some will just grin and bear it. In addition, a stinging sensation is often felt while urine passes out of the ureter due to the distress created by passing of kidney stones.

In time, the person who adheres to the treatment process and with the aid of painkillers in case the pain becomes unbearable, makes the passing of kidney stone possible in no time at all.


A person whose lifestyle remains inert while trying to pass kidney stone may take a longer time before he can successfully pass them of his system. Despite advices to keep his body moving, the person will try to find solace by lying down while bearing the pain.

In the process the kidney stones are not prodded into movement, hence it will take more fluid and treatment before the kidney stones get dissolved and finally made to pass out of the ureter.


There are several proven treatments which can aid in passing kidney stones. Aside from water intakes, ingestion of fiber rich food will also help.  Exercise as a way of keeping the kidney working and active in its flushing function.

For some individuals, intake of phosphoric rich beverages may work as it has the ability to breakdown the kidney stones to make passing easier and faster. In addition, olive oil and lime juice can work effectively not only to dissolve but to lubricate the stones as well, to make passing of kidney stones faster and without pain.

If all of the aforementioned factors are positively present, then the matter of how long it takes to pass a kidney stone will mean less time for some individuals.

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    “If a person’s make up allows him to pass kidney stones by bearing the pain no matter how intense it could get, the size of the kidney sometimes does not matter.”

    I had no idea the size of the kidney had anything to do with it.

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