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How to Dissolve Kidney Stones – 2 Methods That Work

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Understanding what a kidney stone is made of and how they are formed is an important part of how to eliminate them. Basically, a kidney stone is formed from minerals and salts that fuse together to form a crystallized like deposit or stone. The sizes of kidney stones can vary, just as the methods to dissolve kidney stones can vary.

Kidney stones will either stay within the kidneys or move through the urinary tract and leave the body. When and if the kidney stones travel they can cause minor discomfort to severe pain. However, if you are able to dissolve kidney stones the pain is generally less intense, and even avoided altogether.

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Here are two of the most popular methods used to dissolve kidney stones. Using natural methods for kidney stone treatment is rising in popularity. Many individuals prefer to avoid using medications, and have sought after a healthier method.

1. Drinking tea is among the most popular methods used for dissolving kidney stones naturally. There are specific teas that will assist in the dissolving of the kidney stone.

In these teas you will find some herbs are used that have been proven to be extremely beneficial in dissolving the kidney stones. These herbs are wild yam root, Joe-pye weed, corn silk, plantain leaf, hydrangea root, cramp bark and yarrow leaf.  Making the tea is fairly simple, and very much the same as making any other type of tea.

Simply bring the water to a boil with the hydrangea, wild yam and cramp bark in it. Allow this to boil on low for about 15 minutes. Then you can ad the remaining herbs that are mentioned  above. Allow the mixture to settle for about 20 minutes and then you can strain the herbs.

2. Wild herbs are the next method commonly used to dissolve kidney stones, naturally. For this you will need ¼ c of gravel root, hydrangea root, marshmallow root, uva ursi capsules, vitamin B6 (250mg) and ginger root.

Once you have all of the ingredients you should soak them completely in a non-metallic cup with a lid. You should use tap water that is just taken from the tap. Allow this to soak for about 20 minutes or so. Now you can boil the mixture for another 20 minutes allow to simmer.

You can then drink ¼ c of the tea and freeze the remaining. You should do this mixture in bunches of 4. Each bunch should use 1 qt of water. Strain the mixture and add 1 tbsp glycerin and then add 20 drops of the goldenrod tincture.

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