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Kidney Stone Cure – Ways to Get Rid of Kidney Stones Painlessly

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A lot of kidney stone cure are available today aside from just drinking water to push the stone out from your system. There are instances when it is not the best option to have a “wait and see” attitude. Taking in water to help kidney stone pass helps but the patient has to deal with a lot of stress while waiting.

There are other available kidney stone cures, which can be beneficial for some kidney stone sufferers out there.

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The Ideal Kidney Stone Cure Plan:

1. Fluid Intake or Water

Fluid drinking must be 2 to 3 liters a day. Consuming a lot of water regularly within a day will keep you safe and lets kidney stone pass without other medications. Remember lack of water also may contribute to dehydration and is a common cause for kidney stone formation.

2. Diet

To avoid kidney stones it is the best practice to maintain a healthy balanced diet. Avoid foods that are sources of kidney stone build up. Simple guidelines, just stay away from too much intake of anything salty, sugary, and avoid too much calcium. We need only enough amounts of those food mentioned. Moreover, eat a lot of fiber-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables since these can aid in flushing out the kidney stones.

3. Cure Kidney Stones with Vitamins

Vitamins with proper dosage can help in kidney stone cure.

Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid can also contribute to curing kidney stone and preventing it from forming back. The main use of this vitamin is to acidify the urine. Stones are dissolved when urine is acidic, leaving little chance for kidney stones to build.

Vitamin B complex is also crucial in kidney stone cure. Sufficient amount of Vitamin B complex could hinder formation of stones. These vitamins normally mix with magnesium to neutralize kidney stones. It is recommended then that kidney stone patients take Vitamins B-complex two times daily together with 400mg magnesium.

4. Juices

Citrates which can be found in fruit juices like carrot, cranberries, grapes, apples, and oranges, can help minimize the formation of uric acid and aid in eliminating the formation of calcium salts substances which can cause kidney stones.

5. Other Home Remedies

It is also encouraged to try some of the natural home remedies that have been studied and tested. These were concocted by kidney stone patients who have tried and were successful in flushing out their kidney stones with the use of simple ingredients.

Lastly, kidney stone cure is a thing that we need to be familiar with. Kidney stone can really cause a lot of stress both physically and financially. Better to do away with the kidney stones with a natural cure.

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