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Kidney Stone Diet Plan – The Foods You Need and to Avoid

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A kidney stone diet plan is going to modify your diet in several different ways. In order for your body to be able to eliminate existing kidney stones and reduce the odds of new ones forming you will need to modify your entire lifestyle as well as make changes in the foods you eat.

There is more to a healthy kidney stone diet plan than simply drinking more water. You need to reduce the amount of salt you consume. This can be down by purchasing fresh veggies instead of canned vegetables, buying only reduced salt/sodium condiments and preparing meals instead of buying prepared meals. Also, when you prepare your meals, use substitutes for flavor rather than using salt.

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You need to make sure you are getting the right amount of calcium. To help you determine if you need to take a calcium supplement or incorporate more calcium into your diet you should talk to your doctor or nutritionist. If you need more calcium try eating yogurt, cheese or drinking more milk.

Depending on the type of kidney stones that you develop, you might have to eliminate some types of foods and beverages from your diet. For example, if your body tends to produce oxalate kidney stones you should stop drinking coffee, cola and tea. Chocolate, spinach, green veggies and peanuts are also on the list of things to avoid. Here are a few other things that you should avoid with an oxalate kidney stone:

  • beer
  • sweet potatoes
  • oranges
  • berries
  • cranberries
  • tofu
  • beets
  • beans
  • rhubarb

It is possible that your doctor will suggest that you limit the amount of animal protein rich foods you consume. When you consume foods that are high in purines you are increasing the uric acid that is produced in your body. Foods you should avoid, or at the bare minimal limit are:

  • eggs
  • pork
  • red meats
  • fish
  • poultry

Consulting your doctor and a nutritionist will prove to be very beneficial in your fight against kidney stones. Between your doctor and a nutritionist you can have the ideal kidney stone diet plan put together to meet all of your dietary needs.

Shortly after you begin your new diet, you notice the diet has also changed your overall health and not just the kidney stones. Your moods will improve, your energy and possibly the deterioration of other heath conditions as well.

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  • richelle

    i was then once had my KUB ultrasound, the doctor said i have 3 stones in my left kidney, i take rowatinex, acalca lately and before i drink sambong too.

  • Michelle

    Would a vegiterian diet help me to have less kidney stones?

  • Amin

    Hi, my date of birth is 1970.Since 1987 i am facing calcium oxalate problem, stone prepairing and then take some medine to release the stone.pls advise the safety precaution.Thanks Amin

  • Smith

    Some of your suggestions as to what is high in oxalic acid do not agree with the USDA Agriculture Handbook No. 8-11 of 1984.
    Is your data more recent or from another source?

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  • Suzanne

    Ihave never had a kidney stone attack, My tests years ago showed several stones in the `1980′s Recently new tests show a 6mm in one kidney and several smaller ones in the other kidney The kidney specialist said do this method of sound waves to break the big one before it drops. My neice said she would never do that lipotripsy again.!! I am holding back, and trying some liquid herbal drops, as stone breaker. drinking lots of water, eating lots of watermelon( isn’t that good, too)?. We have a large garden so I plan to eat lots of veggies and fresh fruit,( melons). I am bothered by lemon juice, I get sores in my mouth, so I am thinking lots of apple juice and /apple cider vinegar. I don’t eat dairy, and very little salt ever. Mine are calcium stones. I am somewhat concerned with the 6mm stone and hopeful the herbal drops will work with the other items I’m doing. Any suggestions, from others are welcome. Thanks

  • Amanda

    Hi. I liked that the recommendations of the foods closely match my diet booklet from a lithotriptor unit. Which made me happier than seeing a plan that would ‘eliminate’ stones for good and not be medical. I was very sceptical.
    A good diet (in moderation), hydration and eliminating certain foods should prevent stones but they never eliminate stones. I read about a solution that was available but I think a doctor should check patients who are considering taking any supplements or additional treatments. so a herbal remedy sounds better from someone who is aware of the calcium/oxalate debate! If you could get this published by a University college or Medical school I think more people would be interested and it would be so much more healthier and beneficial to a range of people with different circumstances. Your report sounds really interesting.

  • mike

    In order to prevent stones, especially calcium stones, you need to increase your calcium intake. Most stones are caused by the lack of calcium in your diet. Had two laser surgeries in two years to remove calcium-oxilate stones. This was main recommendation by my urologist.

  • monique

    my mother is suffering from 2 kidney stone on her left kidney,16.1 mm and 8.2 mm.,every time it attacks she is crying for help.. i wish i can get that pain away from her even if i am the one who need to suffer!!please give us some tips.

  • sandeepsharma

    d/sir my submission is why i have take a food breakfast lunch and dinner because i am suffering from both side kidney stones are 3 and 4 stones each kidneysize 4mm pl. let me know who i will take precaution and suggestion

  • jeevarenuka

    drink 2liters of water daily to reduce kidney stone.

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