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Kidney Stone Infection – A Healthy Lifestyle can Save Us from Infection

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The kidney functions like a filter to trap all the impurities and waste products of the body in the blood. It is directly connected to the bloodstream whose wastes are discharged through tubes called the ureters. These are the tubes that carry the urine into the bladder where it is temporarily stored, hence this is where the kidney stone infection can possibly take place.

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Thus, the presence of kidney stones may damage the passageways of urine. Some stones may be too large or may have a lot of sharp edges. If the ureters and the kidneys are damaged then there is a possibility that a kidney stone infection will take place.

Symptoms of Kidney Stone Infection

The symptoms of kidney stone infections may include having cloudy urine or a very foul smelling urine, fever, nausea, tenderness of the sides and painful urination. These symptoms occur because bacteria has settled in the urinary tracts.

Women are generally more susceptible to get their urinary tracts infected because of kidney stones. The reason is that a woman’s urinary tracts are shorter than a man’s and accordingly because of the shorter length, bacteria gets a higher chance of entering the kidney.

You should take note that it can be very dangerous if the bacteria found its way up into the kidneys since this would only lead to complications that are more serious. Bacteria can enter the bloodstream and can likely cause more trouble by spreading to other parts of your body.

Preventive Measures against Kidney Stones Infection

In as much as getting your kidneys infected can be very dangerous, it is best for us to take the proper precautions against the formation of these stones. Though kidney stones can affect anyone, following healthy practices can help reduce the risk of building up large stones in the kidney.

Here are some ways on how you can lessen the risk of getting kidney stones:

1. Get plenty of liquids
– drinking a lot of liquid can help because it encourages your body to produce urine. Regular urine production and excretion allows a slim chance for bacteria or minerals to settle in the bladder and cause trouble.

2. Reduce salt intake
– insoluble salts can form crystals when deposited in the bladder and can also form while inside the kidneys. As the salts crystallize the chance of it combining with other minerals will promote the formation of kidney stones or worse into becoming large kidney stones.

The larger the kidney stone the harder it is to get out of the system. Once the stone blocks and damages  the ureter, the chances of getting an infection will increase.

3. Eat fiber rich foods
– fiber rich foods help take away excess salts and minerals in the body. It can help flush out the toxins out of the body.

4. Observe proper hygiene – proper hygiene can greatly help in reducing the occurrence of an infection. Since bacteria thrive on waste, observing a healthy lifestyle promotes regular waste movement. In the same way that the absence of bacteria in our system will prevent kidney stone infection.

These are only preventive measures; those suffering from kidney stones  infection should see a doctor for the prescription of proper treatments and medication.

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