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Kidney Stone Pains – Understanding Where the Pain Comes From

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There is a very common description for kidney stone pain, unbearable. If one would be interested to know further, the most common pain experience it can be compared to are the labor pains of a woman going through the process of childbirth.

However, the similarity stops there, labor pains during childbirth culminates to joy and fulfillment once the mother surpasses her experience. The kidney stone sufferer however will only feel temporary relief and can expect the pain to recur for as long as the kidneys are able to form new ones.

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Perhaps one should have a clearer understanding as to how the kidney functions in order to realize the need for being more mindful of one’s diet and avoid experiencing kidney stone pain. Our kidneys are the two-bean shaped organs found beneath the lower ribs, where each kidney bean is located on each side of the spine.

The kidneys filter the blood and become the recipient of wastes and extra water. Such wastes and excess water will then be excreted in the form of urine, via the urinary tract along a small tube called the ureter.  The normal excretion will proceed without any pain and will provide normal relief as the bladder is emptied.

If in case your usual urination becomes painful and comes out with some traces of blood plus bouts of nagging pain in your lower back, chances are, your renal system now has kidney stones blocking your urether.

This will mean further that during the filtration process, the wastes that was strained by the kidney contained a lot of oxalates or insoluble salts. These oxalates have the tendency to bind and combine with other waste products like excess protein and calcium,

The moment that these waste products form a union, you now have full-fledged kidney stones floating in your system. Nevertheless, this can still be remediable if you drink plenty of water, at least 8 to 10 glasses a day. Having enough water in the body lubricates the kidney stones while they are still in minute forms and can pass out of your system without pain and unnoticed.

The problem will arise only if you keep supplementing your body with more unwanted protein, calcium and oxalate substances. The minute kidney stones will continuously attract and bind said wastes like a snowball until it becomes too large to excrete. In its worst case and resulting to the worst pain, the kidney stones are now too large that it blocks your urether and are rasping against tissues and muscles.

That is why you are feeling a tremendous amount of pain as a kidney stones sufferer. These are crystalline stones where the characteristically rough edges are rubbing against the muscles and the tissues of your ureter.

Anyway if you’re not fond of drinking plenty of water, you can instead eat fruits and vegetables. For fruits, consider those with high water content like watermelons. They can provide additional liquid that your body needs to promote proper waste removal. On the other hand, eat plenty of vegetables that are fiber rich. These fiber rich substances have the ability to absorb the waste right in the intestine.

Once waste is moved from the intestines, the kidney will have little to left to filter. Naturally, less oxalates and insoluble substances in your kidney, means there is less possibility of forming kidney stones.

Everything is all a matter of discipline even if you say that kidney stones disorder runs in your genes. We all have the presence of oxalates in our body; it’s only a matter of eating the right food in the right amount.  Remember, only the tongue can experience the taste of good food, but the kidney stone pain can be felt by your whole being.

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