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Kidney Stone Relief – Find Relief by Eliminating the Root Cause of the Pain

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Some sufferers compare the pain caused by kidney stones to that of birth pains or that of being stabbed. It might sound very irrational but it is quite true hence, the desperation for a kidney stone relief is understandable.

Imagine the thoughts of having sharp stones passing through small passages in your internal organs. The abrasive action of the stones is the main cause of the pain followed by the pain of obstructed urine. An obstruction in the flow of urine can cause a build up in pressure causing more pain to the sufferer.

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It is no wonder why people look for instant kidney stone relief. Unfortunately, there is no known therapy that can help alleviate the pain naturally. In fact, most people use powerful painkillers just to get themselves to a doctor because the excruciating pain can even weaken your knees.

The following methods may not relieve the pain but they are kidney stone reliefs in order to eliminate the root of the problems.

Drink plenty of liquids – Plenty of liquids mean plenty of medium to help the stones  travel out of the urinary system. If there is more urine production, then the stones have enough lubrication on its way out.

Limit calcium and mineral intakes
– Calcium should be minimized but should not be neglected. If calcium is lacking in the body then the problem would still be there because the body will work overtime to get calcium from other sources. Usually the body takes more than enough, and this may lead to much larger tones.

Reduce the amount of animal protein – Animal protein can contain many acids and other insoluble substances that cannot be digested easily. The undigested particles will eventually build up in the kidneys as waste, which can only make problems worse.

Limit vitamin intakes – Vitamins can crystallize in side the kidney if accumulated.  So you should first ask your physician if you should still continue taking the supplements.

Avoid alcohol – Alcohol can only make problems worse by adding more impurities in the blood. Although it can act as a natural diuretic the consequences are far worse than the benefits of being a diuretic.

However, you cannot discount the fact that these claims were based on personal experiences. The rational explanation to this is that kidney stones have different composition, which is why it is recommended that medical analysis should be obtained before taking treatments. What may be applicable to one is not true for the other, due to the differences in the stone’s composition.

Even if you are craving for sweet, salty and fatty foods you should still do your best to avoid making your situation worse. It is better to overcome your cravings for these kind of foods and take your mind off the pain by eating fruits that are rich in water like watermelons.

Still, the best way to avoid feeling pain from the kidney stones is to live a healthy life and avoid getting kidney stones. It can be done through proper discipline, diet and exercise. In time, your kidney stone reliefs will all be a part of your healthy lifestyle.

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