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Kidney Stone Remedies – How to Let Stones Dissolve and Pass Painlessly

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Kidney stone victims should know the reliable kidney stone remedies in order to get instant relief from the discomfort that kidney stones bring. Instantaneous relief is badly needed by the sufferer because kidney stone pain can sometimes be very unbearable.

There are a number of kidney stone remedies, which are results of several researches and studies by health professionals today. It is best for us then to be familiar with these for our benefit and protection.

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This article presents some natural kidney stone remedies that have aided a number of kidney stone patients to break up and pulverize the particles into tiny pieces. It lets the stones pass without the discomfort of too much pain. Some of these therapies are:

Drinking a Lot of Pure Water:

One of the efficient therapies is drinking a lot of water. Water is known to be the safest and most effective tool for cleansing. Basing on statistics, the locations where the most number of kidney stone sufferers come from are in countries, which have limited water supply in them.

Intake of Acid Remedies:

The use of natural acids can also facilitate in dissolving your kidney stones. In as much as the liver does not contribute in regulating the acid base, all the acid that one takes will directly find their way to the kidneys.

The use of acid remedy will work because acid naturally melts weaker compounds. It works in the way of how a can of soft drink will ruin a paint job. Hence, acid will be able to dissolve stones formed by calcium.

Intake of Acidic Beverage and Vegetable Puree Combination:

Another effective kidney stone remedy is drinking an acidic beverage following it with pure vegetable puree. This natural home remedy is supported and studied by a popular kidney consultant and medical researcher, Joe Barton. The said step is proven to eliminate and pass the stone within 24 hours without pain.

Here’s how it works:

Drink a 2-liter soda, after 5 minutes of taking it in, take in a green vegetable puree which is from half-cooked vegetable  and grinded in the blender. The acid will go straight to your kidney and urinary tract creating a chemical reaction without the hassles of pain and eventually dissolves the stone.

Stones will then become slush or a gummy liquid-like substance. The dissolving time will depend upon the size of the stone. Sometimes it takes three to four hours for smaller stones and a little longer for bigger ones.

The vegetable puree then will help to wash out the sludge through your urine painlessly. The ingredients needed are available in the local market and groceries.

The above kidney stone remedies are vital for the kidney stone sufferers. With the easy steps presented to us, it is doesn’t mean we can be careless in what we eat or take in. It is still our responsibility to eat right and in moderation. Nothing is better than a pain-free body and healthy existence.

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