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Kidney Stone Remedy – Water Gives Us a Good Fight Against Kidney Stones

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There are so many kidney stone therapies present, but one of the most effective and widely known kidney stone remedy is by drinking pure clean water to flush the menace away. Water works wonders in cleansing the body system. In fact, nothing beats drinking a lot of water daily when it comes to keeping your system healthy.

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Most major parts of our body cannot do without water. The brain has 74 percentage of water, blood holds 83 percent water, our muscles have 75 percent water, and our bones have 22 percent water.

Water then is clearly a very important composition of our body. Medical experts affirm that water is one of the most potent treatments for almost all toxin-related conditions in the body.

Facts about Water and Kidney Stones:

Water helps avoid kidney stones. According to researches, the most widespread cause of kidney stones is insufficient intake of water in the body. Water helps liquefy the substances that turn to stones in your urine. Thus, drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water a day aids in the flushing out of the kidney stones.

Lack of water or continual dehydration (shortness of body water) can cause the formation of kidney stones. Lack of body fluid or dehydration results from the following conditions:

• Hot temperature or hot climate,
• Sweating heavily, or
• Very little intake of water
• People who live in hot climates may be prone to building kidney stones.

Water then is really a helpful kidney stone remedy. What is the right attitude in drinking water to help or eliminate kidney problems? Drink water before sleeping and during the morning after a night sleep. The water will replenish what has been utilized during the sleep. Thirstiness in the morning is a sign of dehydration.

Make it a healthy habit to drink the proper amount of water everyday. Eight to twelve glasses of distilled water is best. Hydrating your body will keep you away the kidney stones. Therefore, a glass of water is a kidney stone remedy to keep kidney stones away.

However, you should also bear in mind that water couldn’t be as effective if we insist on ingesting foods that are rich in oxalates. This will only render our kidneys overworked since it has to flush a lot of unwanted substance from time to time.

Cut down on your intake of dairy foods since they are most high in calcium content. Heavy proteins should be curbed, while an increase in your daily intake of fiber foods will do well in the digestion processes.

In case you have been mindless of your diet, enough to cause the formation of kidney stone in your system, water alone cannot always do the trick. You may also consider drinking beverages rich in phosphoric acids as a kidney stone remedy. Phosphoric acids are usually found in soft drinks.

Nevertheless, everything should be in moderation, since another excessive intake will only result to another disorder.

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