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Kidney Stone Removal – The Last Resorts that We would Least Desire

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There are cases where kidney stones may form due to improper diet and an unhealthy lifestyle. In some instances, kidney stones may appear due to the accumulation of certain substances in the kidney. In extreme cases, immediate kidney stone removal may become necessary.

The formation of kidney stones can come in various sizes, small or granule-like or at least 5mm in size, which are small enough to pass through the urinary system unnoticed.

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However, if you are experiencing a large amount of pain, chances are the stones are large enough to damage your ureter. Thus, faster kidney stone removal methods are imperative

Proper consultation and treatments are necessary to avoid your kidney stone problems in developing into other complications such as infection.

The following are some suggested treatments if you are suffering from kidney stones:

Natural Treatment:

This method is used if the kidney stones detected are relatively small.Your doctor can decide if the stones can pass through your system or not.If he says that the stones can pass, then he will advise you with this treatment. Actually, this is not necessarily a treatment but more of a change in lifestyle and diet.

The doctor will instruct you to drink plenty of fluids except those that are high in calcium and artificial substances. The diet will also prohibit you from eating salty foods in order to facilitate faster movement of the stones.

It is advised that you are to drink at least 10 glasses of water a day and try to keep your urine as clear as possible. If you cannot bear the pain of the stones passing through your ureters, then the doctor may prescribe painkillers.

Medical Treatments:

Here are some medical treatments if the stones are too large to pass through your system or if there is already an infection of your urinary tract due to the abrasion of the stones.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy (ESWL) – This medical procedure does not include intrusive methods; instead it uses a combination of ultrasound and powerful sound waves focused on the stones. The sound breaks the stone in to smaller pieces so that it can pass down the ureters and out of the system faster.

It may cause discomfort when the stones start to break up so you are either sedated or given local anesthesia. You should just consider the fact that EWSL does not work well on cystine stones since these are harder to break up.

Nephrolithotripsy – In this medical procedure, a small incision is made on the patient’s back where a small telescopic device is entered. Upon entering the kidney, the surgeon breaks up the stones and manually removes every piece of kidney stone present. Some adverse effects may include damage and bleeding to other organs like the colon or to the kidney itself.

Ureteroscopy – is a medical procedure where no incisions are required. The urologist inserts a tube to push the stones back into the kidney so it can easily be broken. Some adverse effects are bleeding because of damage to the ureters or the bladder. However, this procedure is known to have a 95% success rate.

Opensurgery – This is when other treatments fail to give good results. It is a sort of a last resort because it needs a large incision so the surgeon can access the kidney. Doctors use this method  only if you have been discovered to have a very large kidney stone. After the procedure, the patient will not be able to return to his regular activities for 4 to 6 weeks.

Some of the kidney stone removal methods mentioned above seems too harsh and risky. In fact, it may even cost us a hefty sum should these stone removal methods become necessary. Therefore, it is for our own good that we are more considerate about our food intake to avoid the formation of kidney stones, its recurrence, and/or its further development into something, which we may regret later.

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