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Kidney Stones Treatment – 6 Home Remedies You Can Find In the Kitchen

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Kidney stone is a common disorder many people experience. It is normally found in the urine and is formed from uric acid, calcium, oxalic acid, and phosphorus. When you want the passing of kidney stones, treatments at home are frequently done. Some of these include pain medicine intake, drinking adequate fluids, and perhaps collecting urine sample to verify the stone type you have.

Kidney stones are usually caused by wrong diet, urinary tract infection, coffee, sugar products, tea, and excessive eating. This disorder usually causes so much pain and distress. If you are experiencing from this kind of condition, kidney stones treatments at home are very much available in alleviating any forms of discomfort.

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1. Celery

People who are vulnerable to having stones in the kidney are advised to take celery. The customary consumption of this food will help prevent the potential development of stones.

2. Grapes

Grapes are considered an excellent home remedy for kidney stones. It contains an incomparable diuretic significance in relation to their high water substances and potassium salt. Due to its small sodium chloride and albumin content, this fruit has an important value in kidney problems.

3. Lemons

Citrate inhibits the formation of kidney stones and that lemons produce the highest citrate concentration among the citrus fruits. The formation of kidney stones is also reduced if you drink two liters of water mixed with 120 ml of reconstituted lemon juice y drinking 120 ml of reconstituted lemon juice according to UC San Diego Comprehensive Kidney Stone Center (June 2010) Director, Roger Sur.

4. Watermelon

Among all the fruits, watermelon is full of potassium salts and is said to contain the highest water concentration.  In order to have favorable kidney stones result, watermelon is considered one of the safest and finest diuretics you can use.

5. Pomegranate

Pomegranate seeds (both sour and sweet) are valuable for treating kidney stones. Just take one tablespoon of the seeds, crushed into a fine paste, together with one cup of “kulthi” (horse gram) soup to suspend the stones in the kidneys.

6. Vitamin B6

According to research, pyridoxine or vitamin B6 has revealed an outstanding remedial success in treating kidney stones. In order to achieve a lasting treatment, it is advised to take a regular therapeutic dose of 100 to 150 mg of vitamin B6 combined with further B complex vitamins.

Although kidney stones treatments at home are natural and very efficient, consulting your doctor before using them is still recommended.

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