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Kidney Stones Treatment – Make the Simple Method Work, They are Less Expensive

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The only good thing about kidney stones disorder even if it’s recurring, is that it can be cured by kidney stones treatment based on home remedies. However, you need to be dedicated in carrying out these treatments to make it work. Below are some kidney stone treatments that are inexpensive and often readily available right in your home.

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1. If you already have kidney stone problems, part of your kidney stone treatment is to increase your water intake to keep your urine lucid. Once your urine output is clear, it only means that wastes and insoluble substances have been washed out of your system.

The recommended method of increasing your intake is to start out by drinking two glasses of water at an interval of every two hours. If you sometimes feel that you’ve had enough water, you can switch to coffee, juice or softdrinks, Drinking them will increase your craving for water since they tend to dehydrate you.

Also, you can partake of fruits that are rich in water content like watermelon or melon. They can add to the lubricant in your renal system which will allow kidney stones to pass while still in their minutest form.

2. Suffering from kidney stones can make you feel unwell and weak because of the nagging pain at your back side. There are pain relief medicines which you can buy over the counter and will give you the relief you need. These are over the counter medications also known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. They can reduce a little bit of the swelling pain and make you feel better even for just awhile.

Should you need a stronger form of medication, ask your doctor for a prescription. He is in a better position to determine the best type of medicine suitable for your condition.

3. To make sure you are on the right kidney stone treatment in terms of diet change, your doctor will instruct you to collect the stones you pass in the process of your urination. There is a special strainer for this, which allows you to save the kidney stones for proper diagnosis. Continue to collect them for about three days or until the pain altogether stops.

Let the stones dry out first before keeping them stored in glass or plastic container. Bring them to your doctor on your next scheduled visit since this will be usefulĀ  for the assessment of your kidney stone composition. Based on the results, the doctor will have enough to go on for his further studies of your condition.

Your determination to overcome the discomforts of kidney stones can make this simple and less expensive kidney stone treatments, work successfully.

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