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Multiple Kidney Stones – What Causes Them?

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When a person suffers from multiple kidney stones there could be a few underlying possibilities that could be the culprit for your multiple kidney stones. Your medical care provider will probably want to do some testing to determine the type of kidney stones you have. This testing can also assist in the determination for the treatment of your kidney stones.

Generally, when a person suffers from multiple kidney stones it can often be linked to the diet of the person. Kidney stones are very common in individuals that have a diet that is high in oxalates. However, genetics also can play a role in kidney stones. There are different types of kidney stones and they can form in different sizes.

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Usually the testing that will be done will be done through urine analysis. This will show a fluctuation in urine makeup which in turn can be the key to figuring out the actual type of stones that are forming. The treatment for multiple kidney stones can vary, mostly due to the sizes.

On average, if there are multiple stones existing, it could be a cause for surgery to remove them. If it is a single stone, you might be able to pass the stone with limited assistance from your medical care provider. It has been estimated that about 50% of individuals that have had a single kidney stone will sometime in the future have another.

In some cases of kidney stones, it could be suggested by the doctor to modify the diet. For example, you might be told to eliminate sugars, grapefruits, green leafy veggies and white flour. However, if you are already on a fairly decent well balanced diet you might be required to take medication to reduce the risk of new kidney stones forming.

Regardless of the actual type of multiple kidney stones you have, it is best for you to make sure you are properly hydrated at all times. Drink plenty of water, this allows your system to continuously cleanse itself which will also reduce the kidney stones that form and quite possibly eliminate them altogether.

It is suggested that a person that has suffered from kidney stones drink at least 8 oz of water every hour. This will cause the body to dilute the kidney stones and remove the causes on a steady and regular basis.

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  • Shameemah Abrahams

    Hi, I’ve just gone through you talk on the internet. I suffer from kidney stones for about 11 years now, which first come along when i was just 6 months pregnant. I’ve had 7 operations during pregnancy
    and a few more after. I now have 8 in my kidney and trying to pass just one of them for the past 3weeks. I don’t think i need to tell you what im going through….
    I’ve in and out of hospital for the past 3 weeks and they do the operation as I’ve had 3 for year already.

    Im body is producing so many at a time that i can’t keep count of them any longer. In April of this year the removed 3 out of 4 and only to find that a month later another 4 had grown. The biggest stone i
    have now is about 9.5mm and that’s in the kidney, the one im trying to pass is 6.3mm

    Please help…….

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