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Natural Treatment for Kidney Stones – 5 Effective Methods

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Rarely does a person browse online for information on kidney stones if they do not suffer from them or do not know someone that is suffering from them. Out of the individuals that are seeking tips from the internet, a large percentage of them are looking for natural treatment for kidney stones. So we have compiled some of the best treatments and remedies that are natural for you.

We have cut out the research and provided you with only the most useful natural treatment for kidney stones. By saving you time and energy from trying to ward through all of the information on the internet that is actually relevant to natural remedies we are giving you the opportunity to take control of your pain faster, and gain the relief you deserve.

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Here are the tips that we found to be the best and most beneficial in relieving the pain:

1. For the cramping that is usually experienced with kidney stones as they attempt to make their way out of your body you can try using a massager lightly on the area that is causing you pain. Do this for 10 minutes periodically throughout the day.

2. Another method you can try for the cramping is warm caster oil in a hot pack. Place the pack on the area that is uncomfortable and leave it until the pain subsides.

3. Drink plenty of water, cranberry juice and carrot juice to cleanse your system. This will help your body to flush the excess uric acids that otherwise will build up and form a kidney stone out of your body.

4. Get your blood pumping. Go walking, jogging or even swimming. Anything that is going to get you exercising should be done. The increase in physical exercise will help your body to use gravity to keep the kidney stone moving out of your body.

5. Add a lemon to your beverages. The citric acid in the lemon can break down the formation process of kidney stones as well as assisting in dissolving existing kidney stones.

Before you begin a natural treatment for kidney stones you need to speak with your medical care provider to ensure there is no risk to your overall health and well being. Your doctor should consider any other health conditions you have, medical history and all medications you currently take before coming to a decision regarding the safety of a natural treatment for kidney stones for you.

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