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Pain From Kidney Stones – What Can You Do

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All to often we hear from individuals about their pain from kidney stones, not every one knows how they can treat the pain. Although you might be tempted to take matters into your own two hands to control your pain, it is absolutely vital that you first speak with your doctor about the options that are safe for you.

The pain from kidney stones that you feel is due to the kidney stone moving and scraping against your urinary tract in an attempt to be removed from the body. Also, the stones themselves are usually jagged on the sides, which can scrape the insides as they move about.

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Generally, the first thing a doctor will suggest to an individual suffering from kidney stones is an increase in water consumption daily. The increase in water flushes the system clean and assists greatly in the removal of a kidney stone or stones. Continuing on an increased water diet will also be beneficial in limiting future kidney stones from forming.

Just because you suffer from kidney stones, does not mean you need to live with the pain from kidney stones. There are things you can do and steps you can take to minimize and sometimes completely eliminate the pain altogether. Here are a few of them:

1. Using a massager on your kidneys in intervals of 10 minutes is often all you will need to get rid of the pain. The best part is, you don’t have to take any medication. By gently placing the massager on your kidney you are able to assist your body with breaking the stone down so it can pass faster and easier. You can do this 5 times a day until the stone passes.

2. Not many articles will give you this tip, but eat as much watermelon as you want. The more the better, actually. The watermelon is a great way to increase your water consumption that is quite tasty as well. The watermelon also has potassium salts which assist in the stimulation of urination.

3. The final tip is to exercise. By even simply walking you can help your body to do what it should do naturally. Gravity will gently pull on the stone and possibly help it to pass quicker. A brisk walk a few times a day when you are suffering from a kidney stone could very well be your natural remedy for passing a kidney stone.

Keep in mind that there are several methods that you can try to get rid of pain from kidney stones. Do not be discouraged if you find some that do not work for you, there is surely something out there that can and will work for you. Discuss your plans for using a home remedy with your doctor to make sure the one you are contemplating on using is safe for you to use.

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  • Lori

    based on my symptoms Dr at Minor Med believes I passed kidney stone last Friday nite Sat morning. Now its the following Sat evening and I am getting the same flank pain in lower left radiating to the front. Urge to urinate but not much relief. Had urine cked and it’s clear and no infection. How frequently can a person pass stones or is it unique for each? Dr wants me to call to f/up w/my Dr and is going to suggest a renal sonogram… Did sent urine to lab to have checked too.

  • Lucas LaRue

    I wonder if the makers of this site know how much untruthful garbage they have been filling this page with. I have had stones since year 6, i am now 21 and i can debunk over half of the theories and proven methods on this website. My suggestion: do what you kno works dont seek help from sites like these and most of the time your doctor has his head right up his own keister so find what works for you by yourself.

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