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Passing Kidney Stones – Ten Useful Tips in Passing Kidney Stones

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There are some people who really can’t avoid having kidney stones, not if they can help it. Their lifestyle may stem from the nature of their jobs or they may have inherited the genes of one or two parents who also suffer from the same malady.

This being the case, the earlier the kidney stones are detected the less complicated the treatment process that they have to undergo. Passing kidney stones is usually the best treatment possible, albeit painful.

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Here then are some tips that may help you go through the process of passing kidney stones with as little pain as possible:

1. Pay more attention to the amount of water that you take in everyday. Make drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a part of your daily regimen because these will prevent those oxalates (insoluble salt) from forming into crystals. If you are prone to having kidney stones, water will encourage more urine secretion as an important process of carrying out wastes like oxalates out of your body.

2. If you want to take a break from drinking lots of water, concoct yourself a lemonade drink as a breather. However, this type of citrus drink works well for kidney stones formed out of calcium oxalates. Lemon contains fiber, and its citric acid can help dissolve kidney stones formed from unabsorbed calcium.

3. Consider drinking other juices made from natural fruits and vegetables like carrots, grapes and orange juice. These natural foods are rich in citrate, a salt derivative of citric acid that is helpful in dissolving cystine types of kidney stones. Cystine kidney stones are basically made up of unabsorbed amino acids.

4. While waiting for your kidney stones to pass, avoid the foods that the doctor told you to stay away from. Cheating will make things worse, since more oxalates may combine with kidney stones already existing in your kidney. Instead of being dissolved, you will only get them bigger; thus making the process of passing kidney stones more difficult and painful. Instead, eat fiber rich foods as fibers have the capacity to absorb these oxalates and excrete them through the large intestines.

5. Brace yourself with the idea that passing kidney stones is painful. Therefore, it’s best to exercise and keep your mind busy and focused at something to keep your thoughts away from the pain. Besides, passing kidney stones is a lot less painful than undergoing kidney stones surgery. Furthermore, exercising makes you thirsty, hence your body will demand for more water intake.

6. Here’s one home cure proven to be effective in passing kidney stones. Mix one tablespoon of olive oil to one tablespoon of lemon juice then gulp it down with a glass of water. It’s very effective in passing kidney stones with less pain since the olive oil will grease the stones on their way out.

7. You don’t have to bear the pain if you’re already at your wit’s end about it. Ask your doctor for a prescription, or ask the pharmacist as to the most suitable non-inflammatory medicine you can take. 

8. Catch your kidney stones as they pass, by using a strainer especially made for this purpose. Don’t be so fidgety about this since they’re just insoluble nutrients left unabsorbed by your body. Take you revenge upon them for causing you pain and keep them captive so the doctors can analyze their composition.

9. While trying to achieve the passing of your kidney stone, abstain from drinking coffee and soft drinks since they don’t promote urination; they actually render you dehydrated.

10. Inform your doctor as to how your passing of kidney stones is developing. Your body may be taking too long in responding to the water treatment and medications but your pain is getting more intense. There’s a possibility that your kidney stones may have already infected or blocked some part of your renal system.

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  • michell

    does having a kidney stone cause your vigina pain?

  • michell

    i have kidney stones and now my vigina has this pain that comes and go…also as it comes and go my back strats to hurt, what does this mean??

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  • Amy

    I just came out of the er and was diagnosed with a kidney stone. The dr told me that it will cause vaginal pain, hence the reason for the pain i was having in that area. It came with lots of back pain that radiated to my lower abdominal area. I am now on medication for pain and drinking lots of fluids(water!!!!) … Patiently waiting for it to pass!

  • Fred

    What can I do about the after pain in my penis from passing a large kidney stone?

  • Mark

    there shouldn’t be any more pain after it comes out!! I hate kidney stones, i just finished up with my worst attack yet. i swear i felt chunks breaking off my kidney, but i drank so much water it eventually passed…phew. The agony was unreal!! i will never go without drinking 8 cups of water a day again!!! EVER…

  • ClaireinNZ

    I too have been diagnosed with a stone. I’ve had a few weeks of radiating lower-back and abdominal pain, now very bad closer to urinary area and awaiting the next painful step.

    Good luck to everyone! :/

  • Mcruz

    I suffer from passing stones about 6 or more times a year,huge ones at that, so believe me,i know your pain,in the past I have done the following and one of them helped me,here goes the list…. Jacuzzi heat helps pain,lots of watermelon, water with lemon, jumpin jacks,friend driving me across town on bumpy really bumpy roads,lemonade, and lots of hot showers,.heating pad will help with pain, massager vibrating machine on kidney stone move,aleve works, hope this helps one of you!

  • Sharrie

    My boyfriend has kidney stones and is doing all of what his doctor instructed him to do. At this time he has not passed one stone. What more could we do to help speed the process.


    these stones are very painful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • C. T.

    Young coconut water (preferably without sugar or preservatives) helps dissolve kidney stones. It worked for me in combination with apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and lots of water. Also try taking calcium citrate as that combines with oxalates in the lower intestines instead of your kidneys.

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