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Passing Kidney Stones – The Least Expensive and Less Painful Way

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Kidney stones are sometimes discovered at a stage when you are already feeling too much pain. These stones are discovered because the doctor gave you instructions to take a urinology test. The doctor will then asses the size of your stones to determine whether the proper treatment to be recommended is simply by passing kidney stones.

However, if the size of the stone is more than 10mm then you may have difficulty in going through with the process of passing kidney stones. This will now call for a more complicated treatment than the ones that will be mentioned below.

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Remember that passing kidney stones can be very painful; hence, your doctor may allow you to take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines.

Otherwise, here are some ways on how to pass kidney stones as efficiently as possible:

1.Drink, Drink, Drink – make sure that you get plenty of water to help produce more urine. You need to produce urine because this will be the means by which the stones will travel. Drinking more than 10 glasses each day is sufficient enough to produce a lot of urine. One way of monitoring whether you urine is not infected is to keep a constant check if your urine production is clear.

2. Get Some Exercise – exercise can help in passing your kidney stones because your body is always in motion. It will make you thirsty,  thus prodding you to drink more fluids.  Exercise can help you cope with the pain of passing the stones by conditioning your body.

Psychologically it can also relieve your suffering by keeping your mind off the pain as you concentrate on what you are doing. Exercise will help you focus on other things while going through the pain of passing kidney stones.

3. Modify Your Diet – increase your daily intake of fiber rich foods like wheat bread and bran flakes. These fiber rich foods can help reduce calcium and other excess salt contents in your body. In fact, fiber when flushed out of the body takes along the impurities.

Fruits like lemons and water melons are both rich in fiber and fluid content and the juice of these fruits can help in urine production. Moreover, the citric acid from fruits can help in breaking down the stones into smaller pieces, making the pain of passing kidney stones less painful or more tolerable. The smaller the stones, the less pain and difficulty will be experienced.

4. Avoid Coffee and Sodas – caffeine and carbonated drinks can act as the opposite of diuretics since diuretics are substances that promote urination. These drinks can dehydrate the body instead of promoting more liquid output. Aside from that, the acid content of these drinks can increase the size and the possibility of forming more stones.

5. Strain the Urine – figuring out what kind of stones are formed in your body can be a great help. It will help in analyzing what food you should  avoid while the doctor can analyze and prescribe how you can pass the stones much easier.  Although this sounds gross, there are strainers specially designed for this purpose.  It might feel awkward straining your urine but if it can help you get better, why not do it?

Prevention is better than surgical operation in as much as nobody will prefer the surgical instruments to go up and into places that you least want them to.

Hence, it is better to go through the process of passing kidney stones than having the kidney stones surgically removed.  Just drink plenty of fluids and have a regular exercise routine, especially if the kidney stone formation runs in the family genes.

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