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Recurring Kidney Stones – How to Prevent New Formations

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As if having to deal with your first kidney stone is not painful enough, you now have to worry about recurring kidney stones. Let’s face it, kidney stones can be among the most painful health related issues you will ever endure. However, there are preventative measures you can take to avoid getting your first one or stop others from forming.

Approximately 50% of individuals that suffer from a kidney stone will soon be suffering from recurring kidney stones. That is, unless the necessary changes are made and kept. So, what are the changes that needs to be made? This will vary depending on your other health related conditions.

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For example, your weight, dietary needs, dietary habits, exercise, medications and the list can go on. However, your doctor will be able to determine the best methods for you to use when you are making the changes.

Here are some fairly general changes that you will need to consider in order to prevent the formation of kidney stones.

The most important thing for you to consider is dietary changes and modifications. You should reduce the oxalates you consume to a bare minimum at most, however eliminating them altogether is best. This can often be the only thing you will need to do to prevent  recurring kidney stones.

Pay close attention to the beverages and foods you are willing to put into your body. Some of the things you should avoid are dairy products, chocolate, coffee, liver, alcohol, salt and grapefruit juice. Consult with your physician for a full list of foods for you to avoid, safely.

Some of the lifestyle changes that you should also consider as a preventative measure for kidney stones is regular exercise and proper hydration. Light to moderate exercise can be beneficial for assisting in the body resisting kidney stone formation. Not to go without mention, light to moderate exercise is beneficial for your overall health, including the mental health of an individual.

Preventing the formation of recurring kidney stones can be done. However, before making any changes to your life it is vital that you meet and discuss all of your options with your medical care provider. He or she should be able to guide you in the right direction for healthy changes that will benefit your overall health and assist in the prevention of recurring kidney stones.

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