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Signs of Kidney Stones in Women – Healthy Vanity to Prevent Kidney Stones

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We have often read about kidney stones appearing less likely among women than in men. Records show that most women who suffer from kidney stones are those who have reached their menopausal stage.

The rarity of the disease among women is such that there are no regular warning signs of kidney stones for a woman to suspect that she has a kidney disorder. In some recorded cases, there were women who passed kidney stones from their systems without being aware of it.

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It is common for most women to suffer lower back pain for several reasons: stress from housework, stress from frequent use of high-heeled footwear, bad posture, or accompanying pain from menopausal cramps. Some women suffer from kidney stones but mistake their lower back pains as due to the afore-mentioned reasons.

Even the stomach cramps experienced during their urination were taken lightly. Little did they know that the lower back pains and stomach cramps were already signs of kidney stones in their systems.

These women submit themselves for a check-up related to a distinct irregularity in their urine discharge. Often, the urine discharge will appear with traces of blood and unusual discoloration accompanied with a strong pungent smell. Women kidney stone sufferers will also have the tendency to urinate more often along with experiencing occasional fevers and chills.

Upon examination by a physician and based on the test results of the urine, the doctor will arrive at a diagnosis that the female patient is already suffering from kidney stones.

Since the early warning signs of kidney stones were mistaken as a symptom for some other malady, the kidney stones may have already enlarged to have caused the bleeding and urinary tract infection in the female patient. Unfortunately, the kidney stones are no longer removable by passing through the kidney; hence, the only treatment left is removal via surgery.

In other cases, women who experience the early signs of kidney stones react differently to their impaired condition. They become more conscious of their diet and often refrain from eating certain foods, which they noted as triggers to their back pains and stomach cramps. These women instinctively turn to fruits and vegetables as a form of natural craving; they feel better after eating said foods.

Similarly, most women enjoy engaging in exercises or sports activity to keep their bodies toned and fit, hence they tend to drink more water and other health drinks to keep up with their active pace. These natural instincts may be related to a woman’s conscious effort to maintain her skin and hair healthy as well as to keep her figure in perfect shape.

Thus, whatever oxalates these women form in their renal system due to intakes of insoluble substances or through genetic deficiency, are immediately excreted before snowballing into larger forms of crystalline or kidney stones. Hence, there are cases where women pass kidney stones without being aware of it.

It only proves that diet and lifestyle are definitely the best treatment to thwart the early signs of kidney stones and prevent the occurrences of some common disorders. It is not that women are physiologically better by nature. It is perhaps their natural vanity contributing positively to their better physiology.

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