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Treatment of Kidney Stones – Various Introduced Methods

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A number of procedures have been tested today to provide treatment of kidney stones to a number of kidney stone sufferers. Specialists and practitioners believe that one should not simply wait around for the stone to pass. This attitude will only worsen the sufferer’s condition and can lead the patient to excessive pain and stress.

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The fastest treatment of kidney stones to attain relief is by dissolving it in a natural way. Several recent research outcomes present the possibility of safely eliminating the kidney stones if treatment is made on time.

Some of the natural treatments of kidney stones are:

• The introduction of natural dissolving supplements in the urine, which caters to the breaking down of the chemical formation of the stones. Kidney stone specialists recommend these dissolving supplements as an alternative means for kidney stone prevention. However, your doctor’s recommendation and approval regarding this treatment is also necessary since treatments are based on proper diagnosis of the stones.

Accordingly, these dissolving supplements have the ability to crumble the stone to a minute level to allow passing out of kidney stones with ease. In addition, they are said to infuse a stone restraining substance in the urine, which can aid in restoring normal kidney functions.

• Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) Procedure

This treatment has turned out to be one of the most popular procedures in treating kidney stones. In this procedure an external apparatus is used to create sound waves directed at the area where the stone is, in order to break it down.

• Ureteroscopic Stone Removal Treatment

Another common treatment of kidney stone is through Ureteroscopic Stone Removal where the kidney specialists or surgeons literally try to grab the stone through a researched technique. A tube is introduced in the urethra, passing through bladder to reach the definite location of the stone. Once the stone is reached, the doctor uses laser to split the stone. The only setback to this is that, this treatment is exceedingly stressful.

• Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PNL)

Making use of a slim telescope and inserting it into the kidney via a small cut at your back is how the procedure goes. The practitioner literally breaks or removes the stone particle.

• Treatment of kidney stones through Open Surgery

This treatment is rarely done. The doctor makes an incision through the patients side or at the belly and actually removes the stone from the kidney.

Though there may be several treatments of kidney stones, it is still a wise option to take the natural way. Take sufficient intakes of fluids to keep your urine lucid and to keep your kidney away from harmful health particles that may later build up into kidney stones.

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