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Water is the Best Natural Remedy for Kidney Stones

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People have spent their time looking for the best cure for their kidney stones. For one, these people are in search of something inexistent. There is no cure for kidney stone formation. What people may often refer to as cure are mere remedies to pass the kidney stone naturally or to provide relief for the symptomatic pains of kidney stone.

The natural remedy for kidney stones is often presented to us, but tend to lack interest in its potentials because there is no hype involved. Water is the only natural remedy considered as effective all throughout.

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Kidney stones are not cured because they are chronic by nature. They reappear even as we are able to successfully pass the kidney stones that have been causing us incessant pain in the lower back.

Hence, no matter the amount of kidney pain relief we intake, the pain we feel will always come back. Again, we will go back to the basic and natural remedy for kidney stones, which is water.

According to medical experts, it is not water by itself that is giving us relief or preventing kidney stones from forming. It is actually the process of hydration.

Based on research our body is made of 75% water, most of which are found in between the cells. Part of the body’s water content forms part of the blood vessels, hence this part if it becomes dehydrated will become a problem for the body system.

Most of the major organs will not function properly because the blood vessels will constrict for lack of water. One of the major organs concerned is the kidney. This is then the importance of hydrating instead of dehydrating the body.

Even the cells where water can be found consists of natural hormones called anti-diuretic hormone (ADH); such hormones will work in favor of the kidney to preserve some of the water to aid the kidney in functioning properly while waiting for water to be supplied.

That is why it is very important for us to replenish our body with fluids like water because water will be transformed into urine. Urine on the other hand will collect the oxalate wastes found in the renal system then flush the waste out through urine. If there is no urine, oxalates will tend to merge and form into kidney stones and harden in the process.

If water can be replenished continuously, the formed kidney stones will be diluted with clear and soluble urine.  If the bladder can no longer hold the amount of urine it contains, then urine will be excreted carrying with it the diluted oxalates that have not yet formed into kidney stones. Once flushed, the kidney has now been cleansed of oxalates, which eliminates the retention of such wastes in the renal system.

Understanding all these processes will give us a better appreciation of why water is the best natural remedy for kidney stones.

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