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Which Kidney Stone Types Do You Suffer From?

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If you are one of the unlucky people in this world that suffer from the very common and rather painful complaint of kidney stones, then your kidney stone types could be the key to working out an effective cure and also prevention methods.

It has been reported that there are four main kidney stone types caused by various effects that the body has when it is not running as efficiently as it is meant to and when looking at this, you will soon notice that each one has its own characteristics.

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Calcium Kidney Stones. These are by far the most common kidney stone types and they are deemed to be more common than the other three types because everybody has calcium in their diet. When a person has an excess of calcium in their body, for example, the stuff that is left behind after the bones and teeth have all they need, the calcium goes to the kidneys where it is normally flushed out in the urine a person releases.

However, some people are unable to pass this excess calcium out through their urine stream and the calcium itself builds up within the kidney to form a stone when it combines itself with other waste products.

Struvite stones
are another of the kidney stone types that many people suffer with. These will generally form after infections within the urinary tract or other areas in the urinary system. Ammonia is one waste product that is commonly found in this kidney stone as is magnesium, another mineral found in the human body.

When the urine is full of too much acid, Uric acid kidney stones may be formed and one way in which you can combat these painful kidney stone types is to cut down on the amount of meat that is contained within your diet and also the amount of acidic foods that you consume.

The rarest of kidney stone types are the Cystine stones. Cystine is well known for being basically the building blocks of things such as nerves, muscles and various other parts of the body but when the Cystine builds up in the urinary system, Cystine kidney stones can form and these are normally an inherited symptom of the disease which causes these painful stones.

These kidney stone types can vary in size and can be as large as golf balls which can be extremely painful to pass. The smallest of them can be as tiny as s ingle grain of sand and these very often go unnoticed. Generally, they are brown or yellow in color and if they are too big, it is down to medical professionals to remove them.

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